2017/2016 Productions

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Griffin Up Late
Join a hand-picked collection of nocturnal singers, joke-makers and storytellers at GRIFFIN UP LATE - a post-show jam of music and chortles.

Nisha is a high-flying executive at Australia’s largest producer of rice. Working late every night, she encounters Yvette, the woman who cleans her office. As the two women trade stories about their day, Nisha soon realises that Yvette has more to offer than merely clearing away her dishes.

Page to Stage: Diving for Pearls
In this exclusive course, you’ll be part of a small group of students who follow the progress of Griffin’s production of Diving for Pearls by Katherine Thomson through the rehearsal process to opening night. Under the guidance of acclaimed playwright Hilary Bell, this is a course for theatre lovers of all experience levels, and offers a unique insight into the creation of a new Australian production.

Diving for Pearls
Katherine Thomson’s story about aspiration and reinvention is one of the great Australian plays. Set in Wollongong during the economic rationalism of the ‘80s, Diving for Pearls remains startlingly relevant.

Merciless Gods
From migrant camps to pill-popping hipster dinner parties, from prison cells to gay saunas and porn shoots, Merciless Gods is a vicious and tender portrait of contemporary Australian society, capturing the haunting aspects of the human psyche.

Virgins and Cowboys
A sitcom-reject, set in cyberspace, Virgins & Cowboys is a play about a 20-something dude stuck in a dead-end job who meets two women online, both of whom are virgins. As he sets out on a mission to ‘be the one who…’, the internet, the past and the future smash together and everything crumbles around him.


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